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Standard Land
Standard Land is a full-service, full-cycle land services company that works across multiple industries and jurisdictions throughout Canada and beyond to facilitate land acquisition, administration, consultation and related services, for clients.

Standard Land clients can expect land services by highly skilled and business-minded land professionals who are active in industry associations, teach at related educational institutions and are part of the local business community.

Standard Land’s approach to customer services focuses exclusively on building long-lasting client relationships, redefining what clients can expect from a land service company. Standard Land senior company leaders take time to understand clients’ future and immediate land objectives and position clients toward achieving them. Headquartered in Calgary, Standard Land has offices located across Canada to provide benchmark setting services to clients.

Our definition of Land

Land (land) n. 1. Solid part of the earth’s surface. 2. Rural. Urban. Right of Way. Lease. Property. 3. Oil. Pipeline. Power. Gas. Telecommunications. Municipal. Utilities. Infrastructure. 4. Exceeding client expectations. 5. Adj. Knowledgeable. Honest. Transparent. Fair negotiations. 6. Experienced 7. Other [projects that require any negotiation or regulatory compliance, both specific and generic]



From simple consultation to large-scale project management, Standard Land expertly manages it all. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Lease Acquisition
  • Fee Simple Acquisition
  • Right-of-way/Easement Acquisition
  • Land Leasing and Conveyancing
  • Mineral Rights Leasing
  • Land Administration
  • Petroleum Land Management
  • Agreement Management
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Compliance and Guidance
  • Negotiations
  • First Nations Consultation/Representation
  • Public/Stakeholder Engagement
  • Advisory Services
  • Landsale Calendar



Our Four Cornerstones Approach:

Service: going the extra mile to make clients’ jobs easier.

Dependability: timely, trustworthy representation of clients’ business.

Efficiency: using tried and tested processes to deliver successful results.

Flexibility: being able to adapt to changing business requirements and oversee every detail.