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In business since 1994, Standard Land has grown to become one of the largest and most diversified land services companies in Canada.

Working across industries, in private, government and public sectors, and navigating regulations of multiple jurisdictions, Standard Land’s professional teams are refreshingly dedicated to its clients. Standard Land takes the time to understand clients’ business needs, both immediate and future, and positions clients for ongoing success with their land related initiatives.

Standard Land professionals are known for their ingenuity, honesty, and dedication. They are knowledgeable, fair to landowners and their process is transparent. Standard Land professionals confidently and consistently work with land owners and clients to ensure their needs are being met beyond the life of a single transaction. Being business and customer-service focused at all times is reinforced at all levels of the company. A simple motto permeates Standard Land and their staff exemplifies it: “we make your job easier”.

As a recognized leader in the land negotiation and administration space with a strong tie to the community, Standard Land senior professionals dedicate themselves to excellence in the industry and in their communities. This includes mentoring students in university and college land management and administration courses, and by further supporting these students as they begin their careers in the industry.

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Four cornerstone principles influence how Standard Land professionals work every day in everything they do. These principles reinforce the company’s commitment to customer service..

Service: going the extra mile to make clients’ jobs easier

Dependability: timely, trustworthy representation of clients’ business

Efficiency: using tried and tested processes to deliver successful results

Flexibility: being able to adapt to changing business requirements and oversee every detail

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Vision & Mission

Standard Land values its customers, employees and the relationships that are built through good solid business.

Vision: To be a leading full-service/full-cycle land services provider, with a strong commitment to employees and known for impeccable customer service and innovative, client-focused solutions across a variety of industries and jurisdictions.

Mission: To be a respected industry leader with an organization built around its core competencies for land negotiation, consultation and administration

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Clients: Standard Land understands its clients’ immediate and long-term land objectives and positions clients for future success. Taking the time to learn a clients’ corporate culture enables Standard Land professionals to be accurate and respectful ambassadors of their clients in the field. Each client is provided one senior point-of-contact and one alternative who oversee all aspects of land negotiations, administration and project management. This consistency further emphasizes Standard Land’s commitment to full-service, holistic customer support.

Stakeholders: A thorough, transparent and honest consultation process is critical to success. Standard Land understands the importance of inclusive, timely and good communication. Standard Land professionals lead the consultation and negotiation process and stay connected to their clients’ stakeholders. Standard Land has its finger on the pulse of public opinion to minimize stakeholder issues and guide clients’ projects to have the least impact possible. Skill at building trust and conducting fair consultations and negotiations has earned Standard Land a strong reputation with stakeholders.

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Service Approach

Standard Land Service Approach:
Before beginning a project, Standard Land considers all the risks, from public impacts to environmental concerns and regulatory requirements. When acting on behalf of a client, Standard Land professionals are informed of clients’ immediate and long-term business objectives and aware of clients’ corporate culture. Fully understanding all aspects of a project prior to starting maintains project efficiency and success.

Success also comes by understanding clients’ immediate and future land objectives as well as the challenges facing land owners. While achieving immediate land requirements, Standard Land positions clients for future land negotiation and acquisition success with public stakeholders, regulators and acquisition logistics. In everything that Standard Land does, the goal is to make the clients’ job easier.

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