The ability to consult directly and sincerely with interested stakeholders is vital to a land services project. Good consultation is more than a one-way presentation, or a single town hall. It is ongoing, two-way, honest communication where both parties seek each other’s input, listen and then discuss the issue at hand. When Standard Land consults stakeholders on behalf of its clients, the company works to ensure that all parties are informed and their voices are heard throughout the communication process.

Standard Land keeps immaculate records and knows who needs to be involved in consultations while utilizing win-win strategies to reach every stakeholder individually. In many cases, Standard Land works with repeat stakeholders, including land owners, and is able to ensure land negotiation success because third parties know that through Standard Land, they are working with a reputable, honest company.

Strong relationships are the backbone to land acquisition success. Standard Land approaches relationships – whether with land owners, interested community members, regulators, clients– independently and sincerely. With Standard Land, you know you will be treated fairly and with respect. The Standard Land team is acutely aware that their personal professional reputation also rests on treating others with integrity, both in the field and in the office. This is why, at Standard Land, you can expect to be informed, treated fairly and valued.


A thorough, transparent and honest consultation process is critical to success. At Standard Land, every project begins with this in mind inclusive of, timely and good communication. Without it, even rock-solid projects can be derailed. Standard Land professionals lead the consultation process and work hard to stay connected to their clients’ stakeholders. Standard Land has its finger on the pulse of public opinion to minimize surprise stakeholder issues and guide clients’ projects to have the least impact possible.

First Nation

Skill at conducting fair and honest consultations has earned Standard Land a reputation with the First Nation community as a company of choice to work with. Because of the relationship Standard Land has forged with prominent First Nation leaders, the company is often asked to consult with First Nation communities on behalf of industry clients.

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