From simple consultation to large-scale project management, Standard Land expertly manages it all. Standard Land ensures all aspects of land transactions are performed expertly and professionally, on time and on budget. With a thorough understanding of understanding clients’ objectives, Standard Land executes outstanding project management positioning clients for future land negotiation success.

Oil & Gas

Standard Land has a reputation for conducting successful consultations with mineral rights owners, surface rights owners and other interested stakeholders utilizing win-win negotiation strategies.

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Working in urban and rural vertical real estate settings, Standard Land provides land services that facilitate optimal site acquisitions for wireless installation and expanded coverage, positioning clients for success in their future network development.

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Standard Land works to gain right-of-way/easement agreements for major power line initiatives across multiple jurisdictions and geographically diverse terrain, while also providing technology based solutions and tailor-made land administration support services to assists in ongoing public consultation.

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Standard Land’s detailed understanding of regulatory compliance requirements and expertise in the public consultation process enables utility clients to successfully navigate environmentally and politically sensitive environments across multiple jurisdictions to obtain right-of-way agreements.

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Standard Land is known for project management excellence in leading multijurisdictional right-of-way through the public consultation and regulatory compliance processes.

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Standard Land is adapting to industry requirements and able to provide services to growing industries. Services and systems can be tailored to fit smoothly into your operation.

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